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Casper State Office Building

Location: Casper, WY

Detailing Completed: 2020

Partnered with:

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Indigo Hotel

Location: Orange Beach, AL

Detailing Completed: 2016

Partnered with:

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Sheboygan Town Hall

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Detailing completed:  2019

Partnered with:

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Sheboygan Town Hall

TC Hotel/Wilson Hotel

Location: Big Sky, MT

Detailing completed:  2019

Partnered with:

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TCH 23
TCH 22
TCH 13
TCH 14
TCH 15
TCH 21
TCH 20
TCH 16
TCH 17

Somers Middle School

Location: Somers, MT

Detailing Completed: 2019

Partnered with:

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     "After having worked with many detailers over the years, Wyoming Linz, has been a breath of fresh air.  Their approach to steel detailing takes on a whole new level of thoroughness and professionalism that adds excitement to the project!  Working with Wyoming Linz on the Somers Middle School project has really been easy.  The care and thought which they put into their work is evident when the steel is erected on the job.

     Wyoming Linz takes the time to work out the even smallest details, which, when it comes to staying on schedule can turn into the biggest time savers.  Their 3 dimensional models used when hammering through the details makes everything so easy to visualize and work through.  You can actually see what you are talking about! This type of approach to detailing was a first for me as a superintendent.  It made working through the details super easy, and gave me a better overall understanding of my project.

Wyoming Linz would be my preferred choice for any detailing project."  ~Duke Goss Field Superintendent/Swank Enterprises~ 

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