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Nathan Lind

President/Sr. Modeler

I was born in Littleton, CO. My family moved several times while growing up, we've lived in Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, and Saskatchewan. As a child I always considered Montana my primary home.

When I'm not working I enjoy reading WWII history books; big-game hunting; restoring my old cars and trucks; playing music at church and at the community college. In the winter I love cutting firewood and in the summer, putting up hay and yard work. I also enjoy visiting with friends and family over a meal; playing basketball; working on our house; and running for exercise. I probably have too many interests, but it keeps me out of trouble!

God has gifted me with a high propensity to detail and a love for anything mathematical. I often look back at my life and I am grateful that God has placed me in a profession that accents these gifts. All my detailing education has been from on-the-job training from some of the best long-time detailers in the business.

I started in this profession on April 1st, 1993 so I just celebrated my 27th year in this industry. Lois and I started Wyoming Linz in January 2014. Since we have been a business owners, there are many aspects of business ownership that are more intense than we have anticipated. However, as we are able to hire key people that are skilled in various areas, we are gaining the ability to focus our energies into areas we excel and enjoy.


If I had my preference, I would spend my days solely modeling and detailing. I love bringing order to the typical chaos of the design drawings into the model, through the 2D process and out to the hands of the fabricator.


Q: If you had to pick one age to be permanently, which age would you choose?

 A: This is a hard question.  My first thought is age 6.  Life is great at that age because the world is fresh and new to see.  You are old enough to be mobile on your feet or a bicycle.  You still have mom, dad and your teacher telling you when to get up, eat your meals and time to go to bed but that is offset with getting to take daily naps!  My second thought is age 25.  The body and the mind are still fresh and new and you have full the privileges and abilities of an adult.  Now if I was 25 with the knowledge and wisdom of my current 50 years, that would be the ideal!

Q: What was the best concert you have ever attended?

A: Casting Crowns concert in Billings, MT 2018

Q: Who Would you most like to swap places with for a day?

A: Jay Leno ( He owns 150 cool cars, I would like to spend a day driving ALL of them!!)

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