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What we hope to become.....

Our Vision


Our leadership team has worked diligently to put systems and methods into place to provide the highest level of project management; modeling, detailing and checking the steel; and full digital interface for BIM, CNC, DXF and FabSuite.  In recent months, we have launched our file management interface using Bluebeam Projects for all our fabricators.  These Projects are accessed through the fabricator’s launch page and Digital dashboard.  We are discovering that this is an asset for our company, our fabricators and for other team players such as contractors.


We use SDS/2; a Nemetschek Company, exclusively for all our modeling and detailing.  We use the latest general release of this software to ensure that we interface with the fabricator’s systems and software.  We currently have five full licenses of SDS/2.


Moving forward, we are looking at fuller options for our company.  Because steel detailing is such a niche market, we are often dependent on factors outside of our control to find viable and profitable work.  Therefore, we are looking at partnering with design teams to provide a full detailing set of drawings prior to or immediately after the job goes to bid.  We are also looking at other options within the construction market where we can bring our unique skill sets and experiences to bear whether that be through consulting; manufacturing of specific devices that interface the BIM; and training in steel detailing.  We believe this will give us a broader footprint in the construction market to allow us to weather the low points.

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